A woman can do the choosing

May 10

Imagine this, amongst a toy-packed playroom, a young girl plays with her favorite doll, wrapping it in a warm, fuzzy blanket, feeding it a make-believe bottle. It is quite possible she is envisioning being a mother some day. Yet, what happens to this little girls dream when she discovers she has Turner syndrome? A condition taking away her biological ability to give birth.

In some cases, this is where mommy steps in.

Affecting one in every 2,000 female births, Turner syndrome is a chromosomal abnormality, that, in addition to ovarian failure, can cause neck, skin and heart abnormalities, along with mild hearing loss.

However, the advancements of fertility science can give a woman diagnosed with Turner syndrome, the ability to have a child.

Recently an English woman froze her own eggs so that her two-year-old daughter diagnosed with Turner syndrome, would have the opportunity to have a child one day.

But who would be considered mommy? The grandmother who would also be the biological mother, or the woman who would give birth, choosing to use her own mothers eggs? Things get even more complicated when she technically would be giving birth to her own half-sibling. The future babys father would be fertilizing his mother-in-laws egg, and even the babys aunts and uncles would be half-brothers and sisters.

Nonetheless, this is giving an unfortunate young woman the opportunity to fulfill her dreams. Its not like the mother would be forcing her daughter to use the frozen eggs. All this mother wants to do is give her daughter the opportunity to have a child if she chooses.

The baby would develop inside the mother, the mother would carry the baby for nine months and the mother would raise the baby into adulthood. She may not be considered the biological mother, but she is the one to which the newborn will call mommy.

Chromosomal abnormalities don’t have to select who can and cannot have children. Thanks to advancements in fertility science, a woman can do the choosing.

More information about Turner syndrome can be found on the Turner Syndrome Society of the United States website.


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